Avery Grace

Avery Grace

Monday, March 29, 2010


Yesterday our sweet Avery Grace turned four. This year we made a great effort to keep it simple, and celebrate Avery for all that she is and for what she CAN do... and for all the love, wisdom, joy and grace she brings to our lives. I spend quite a bit of time on this blog documenting my journey with coping and acceptance. I initially intended to be writing about the great strides Avery would surely make in overcoming the challenges of Autism and mastocytosis, but the journey never quite goes as planned, and ours has been a struggle I never imagined would be so arduous. But yesterday, even if it was just for a moment, we were able to put aside our heartache and worry, and celebrate our precious daughter... just as she is.

At four years old, Avery is still doing great on the potty. She is not 100% yet, and can't initiate that she needs to go, but as long as we put her on there every 45 minutes or so, she does an excellent job, and is even learning to pull up and down her pants! She is a wiz at her iTouch, and it has been an extraordinary vehicle in her success in communicating and showing us what she knows. Avery is pretty good at puzzles, and loves to hold hands and is gaining motor strength all the time. She can almost climb stairs without assistance and loves to climb all over the furniture in the house! Avery can use a spoon! She loves to eat and is becoming much more independent at feeding herself. Avery seems to really enjoy going to school. She has amazing teachers and therapists who enrich our lives and have opened their hearts to Avery and our family. Avery has a precious disposition. She is happy and content most all of the time, and perhaps most importantly, she brings awareness and hope to those who know and love her.

Whoever dreamed that my most influential teacher would be a sweet, disabled, little girl who has no idea of her impact? Who may never know how she gave me purpose and brought meaning to my life. There is alot that Avery cannot do... and may never be able to do... and that is hard..... very very hard... to wrap your mind around. BUT, through gratitude, love, acceptance and awareness, I can see Avery for the amazing little girl she is. I hope you can too... I hope that her life and her story brings you awareness, perspective and most of all hope.

Happy birthday to our precious angel. We love you always and forever.... and to the moon and back again.

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