Avery Grace

Avery Grace

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I have had several people ask me lately how Avery is doing. I never quite know how to answer this question. In some ways, she is doing great. For the most part, she is a happy, silly, pretty even tempered child who loves to snuggle, play with her characters, swing, hear her favorite songs, etc. But I am pretty sure this is not what they are asking for.

Most people wonder if she is learning to talk yet. Well, not really. She has had and lost words throughout her toddlerhood, and currently has none. One year ago she was EXCELLENT at puzzles, now she isn't so into them anymore. She has gained and lost pointing skills more times than I can count, and though she understands some language, for the most part, we have to guide her by the hand to help her comply.

HOWEVER... in any given moment in this journey thus far, I can always identify several "strengths" within her. Collectively, looking back, this must have been a stretch at times, but always... I am able to find her hidden talents. Her special gifts. Her simple, yet wonderful positives. Right now, Avery is responding to her name quite a bit. She is pointing at lots of pictures in books, and babbling to us and back to the TV when it asks her "questions." Such as in Dora, at the end of the show it always asks "What was your favorite part?" Avery always answers... we just have no idea what she is saying. Avery can play several games on my iPhone. She has been able to show us yet again that she knows several things... including colors, shapes, numbers and letters. Amazing how technology is allowing us a glimpse at her potential. That silly iPhone is hands down the best investment ever. Bryan and I both have one now, and we are considering getting Avery her own iTouch for Christmas because there are actually several apps that we can download that may help her communicate with us through pictures, choices and so on. Very cool.

So, in the big picture, if you test Avery, or spend just a few minutes with her at a time, you may think she is really severe. Pretty isolated and in her own world. But we know better. Just as she points at every single detail in a magazine or book for us to label, if you get down to it and want to get specific, Avery's little "details" make up for one very special, unique, happy and lovely little girl. So as we continue our journey and she gains and loses skills, comes and goes as far as her connection to people... one thing remains steady...our pure and abundant love for her and all that she is, and even for all that she isn't. So stop and slow down a minute... pay attention to the details. Sometimes brilliance lies within them.

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Anonymous said...

Jenny...it really only take a second with Avery to know she is an amazing individual words or not. Also, just wanted to thank you for reminding me to slow down and find joy in the little things that come my way on a daily basis. Love and miss you all