Avery Grace

Avery Grace

Friday, April 3, 2009

New School

We've had some big changes around here! Avery turned three last weekend and though it was too cold to go to the zoo as we had planned, we quickly adjusted and had a fun day anyway. Avery also started her new school. She is in a PPCD-TLC class which stands for: Preschool Program for Children with Disabilities- Total Language Class. It is at a nearby elementary school, and so far she seems to be adjusting well! She is the only girl in her class of five kids with 3 teachers, and all of the kids have moderate to severe Autism. She will get Speech therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Physical Therapy as part of her school day, as well as all the additional therapy we supplement privately (including more Speech, PT, neurofeedback therapy, ABA and RDI). The most difficult part of the whole week is getting everyone ready, fed and out the door by 7:25 am, so she can be there around 7:30am. Since neither of my kids are good sleepers, especially Avery, this will certainly take some getting used too.

Though I choose to celebrate every laugh, every look, and every interaction with Avery, I must admit that her turning 3 was a little bittersweet. As she gets older, the differences between her and her same aged peers are greater and greater, and our every moment of every day can seem to revolve around her disability. Taking my "just turned 3" year old to a public school is also mind boggling. She has experienced the joys of preschool where her teachers love and adore her... but somehow this is a bit different. A bit more institutional. But I have every hope that it is the right place for her to be. I have every hope that she will thrive.

Kaylin is now eleven months old, and not to sound too much like a cliche...but I really don't know where the time has gone. With your first child that first year seems to drag on and on... but with the second, it has flown by. Kaylee (as we call her) brings lots of noise and fun to our family. She is sure to be heard, and is a spitfire in every way. So far her development seems on track, and since she doesn't have Mastocytosis, we have every reason to believe it will stay that way. Avery having given us the beautiful gift of perspective, we have learned not to compare, not to borrow trouble, but to just enjoy Kaylee for the neat and spectacular little person she is becoming. I am beyond grateful that she is part of our family, as she adds so much character, spunk and JOY to everyday.

We don't worry about the small stuff. We don't agonize over the economy, or performance, or what might be. We have endured what we once thought of as inconceivable, and have stared fear in the face and come through stronger than we ever imagined possible. How lucky for us that we got to learn these lessons through the eyes of our beautiful child, and that BECAUSE of her, we will live our lives more fully, and with a perspective that allows us to experience complete joy and acceptance of our children no matter what.

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