Avery Grace

Avery Grace

Friday, July 25, 2008

Easy Silence: EEG

There is a huge misconception that all children with Autism behave in certain
ways. Autism itself is not a disorder defined by behaviors, but by real neurological deficits. Sure, several kids spin in circles, some may line things up, others may or may not have good eye contact, some may scream or some may bang their heads, some may talk your ears off, others not a word.... etc, etc. However, none of these things exist across the board. Just like their typical peers, no two kids with Autism are exactly the same.
When we arrived at the sleep institute this morning for Avery's EEG appointment, the tech heard the words "autism" and quickly moved us from our initial room at the front, to a room at the end of the hall, assuming Avery would pitch a fit at the 26 electrodes being stuck to her head, or at having to sit still or whatever. He couldn't have been more wrong. Avery is not the "over-reactive" type, rather, she is hardly ever phased by much of anything. Believe me, I have tried. I could scream at the top of my lungs, and she may or may not glance at me to see what the heck is wrong. In fact, when her favorite shows are on TV, I am pretty sure the house could burn down and she may not notice. But enough about that! So, back to the EEG... our little trooper did GREAT!!!! She was still on the bed the whole time he worked on her head, and when it was time to go to sleep... (though it took me forever) she didn't make a peep. She was her awesome, happy, loving self. I am pretty sure she did better than most any typical kid would. Can't say that often... so I must say we were/are incredibly proud of her. I have attached some pictures so you can see for yourselves!
There is a song by the Dixie Chicks called "Easy Silence." I heard it the other day and couldn't help but think of our quiet little bug.

"When the calls and conversations
Accidents and accusations
Messages and mis-perceptions
Paralyze my mind

And I come to find a refuge
In the easy silence that you make for me
It's okay when there's nothing more to say to me

And the peaceful quiet you create for me
And the way you keep the world at bay for me

The way you keep the world at bay for me."

Avery may be quiet and hard to reach... but her demeanor is so peaceful, so happy, so content. We have moments where I really feel like we connect... though they are few and far between. So, she provides me/us with an "Easy Silence." I am pretty sure that when she is ready, and when we feel like we just can't wait any longer, her silence will break, and I can't wait to hear what she has to say.

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Melissa said...

Wow! Everything you write is so profound and each entry makes me cry. I enjoy your blog and look at it daily. I find myself reading your words over and over. Avery is so lucky to have such a wonderful mother. I pray for you all each day. I know that with your love, knowledge, and quest for results Avery will continue to blossom. Motherhood is the greatest blessing of all! Thinking of you, Melissa